A Window Cleaner's Shocking Discovery Reveals...

"How To Totally Eliminate The Hard
Work To Making Money Online & How
YOU Can Easily Copy His 'Lazy'
Pure Profit From A Couple Of Hours
Easy 'Set Up' As Many Times As You Like...

...That Can Make You Big Profits, Everyday,
On Auto-Pilot For Months - If Not Years To Come...

...Using The Internet Without A Website, Selling Any Products
Or Doing Any Marketing Whatsoever - Even If You’re Currently
Flat Out Broke With No Time Or Energy To Spare...

NO - This does NOT involve: Pay Per Click, Adsense, Selling Stuff As An Affiliate, Ezine Ads, Free Ads, Spam, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Writing Articles, Ebay, Gambling, Direct Mail, MLM or any advertising or marketing whatsoever…

This Simple Cash Generating System works for ANYONE - no matter age, sex, education, skill or background.
This is the easiest way ever to make damn good money from the internet every single month – No technical headaches to deal with or websites to worry about.
Costs NOTHING To run  – other than a connection to the internet this system won’t cost you a dime to set up & operate.
Lightning Fast Results – Follow this easy, step by step formula in just a couple of hours from the comfort of your own home & get results (= money in the bank) in just 2 weeks… or less!

From: Dave Gale

Hi, my name is Dave Gale, I'm 33 years old, I dropped out of school at 15 with no qualifications and used to struggle to make a living by washing people's windows!

If you are currently struggling to make money online or just don't know where to start then I know exactly what you are going through...

...I struggled along for over a year while still trying to make ends meet with my previous job as a window cleaner!

I know exactly what it's like messing around with websites, trying to make Google Adwords work, wasting money on marketing techniques that bring poor results (if any) and suffering from 'information overload!

Here's a pic of me when I used
to be a window cleaner!

It was during this time that I made a shocking discovery that would allow anyone to stop struggling, and start making money immediately without risk!

Now I make a very nice living on the internet and if you to would like a quick and easy way of making good money online, while simply side stepping the usual hard work, time, frustrations and stress involved in building a profitable internet business , then get ready for some good news.

Here's why:

There's finally a quick and easy way to make really good cash from the internet...even if you are scared to death of anything even slightly technical and have absolutely zero experience at marketing and business.

This is because there is nothing technical to do and you will not be marketing any products or services – not even other peoples’ stuff!

In fact if you can surf the web, send and receive email, and know how to use basic word processing software such as Microsoft Word, then you have more than enough expertise do this already.

You have just stumbled upon something so powerful you can be making serious cash in a matter of days, yet so simple you can do it without ever having to learn all of these complicated marketing techniques that seem to be bounded about everywhere.

For the sake of both you and your families future, read the rest of this letter and I will prove to you without a shadow of a doubt that this is what you've been hoping for.

Why 99.9% Of Hardworking People Fail…

It took me over a year, burning the candle at both ends, spending horrendous amounts of cash that I didn't have (damn those credit cards), and spending so much time in front of the computer that I wonder why my wife didn't leave me, before I finally started making a decent income from the internet.

I've gone through a ton of information, tested useless techniques and made a truck load of mistakes.

I tell you this because I want you to realize where I'm coming from. I know exactly how tough it is and know all about the disheartening problems that come along when you are starting out, just trying to get something working online and I don't want YOU to go through ANY of it!

More importantly I know how hard it is for most people and the problems, heartaches and discouragement most people will go through before giving up completely. It was only my sheer determination and pride that kept me going.

But it wasn't until I had it all worked out - after more than a year of hard work, frustrations and problems that I made a shocking discovery!

There was this incredible realization that was staring me right in the face nearly the whole time, that there was a formula that would cut out all the hard work and could fast-track practically any ordinary person like you & me to big profits from the internet on autopilot!

I just hadn't 'seen' it as I was too busy listening to what all the gurus were peddling instead of doing any thinking for myself!

I realized that there was a way of making money that was completely different to what everyone, including all the 'internet marketing guru's' were (and still are) teaching.

And if this could work for a window washer who dropped out of school with no qualifications then how much more so it would work for you!

But before I tell you about this secret formula you need to know what it's like for most people starting out to make money online and the unethical scam of the guru...

Let me tell you there is an absolute ton of information on how to make money - what most of us know as ‘Internet Marketing’. This has been fed to us through an endless supply of ebooks, courses, cd’s dvds - have you heard the phrase information overload lately…

A lot of these information products are worthless junk, some of it is just brilliant and most of it falls somewhere in-between. There is just so much info out there that you could spend all your spare time reading, studying and wasting more and more of your hard earned cash on the next greatest thing.

It’s a wonder anyone ever gets started. Most people will take in the info and do nothing with it. Of those that do, most will have spent a small fortune on ‘internet marketing’ and ‘making money’ information products.

They put up a website, spend more money on advertising only to find out they're losing money - fast! Most will give up at this point. After-all, if you are in a full time job with a family to look after, actually doing all this can take an age to learn and get done.

Out of those who reach this point a hardcore few will then start testing and tweaking

After more work and more time (and probably a few more hundred dollars on the latest and greatest marketing info) some will finally start making some money – but a very small percentage indeed.

The Brutal Truth About Internet Marketing...

Unless You Use My Formula - It’s Damn Hard!!

Maybe that statement has ruffled some feathers, perhaps some folks didn’t want to hear it and will scurry off to put their head back in the sand.

But this is not you of course…

But if that is the case, then so be it – I make no apologies for telling you exactly how it is.
And boy do I know - I spent over a year trying to work it all out.

And even if you start promoting other people's products to avoid having to create your own - you still have to go about:

Pain #1 Marketing. (This involves a hell of a lot of techniques along with continual testing & tweaking)
Pain #2 Setting Up Websites.
Pain #3 Setting Up Autoresponders.
Pain #4 Driving traffic to websites.
Pain #5 Tracking everything from traffic, keywords, ads etc.
Pain #6 Market Research.
Pain #7 Advertising.
Pain #8 Keyword research.
Pain #9 Opt-in pages have to be written, tested and tweaked.
Pain #10 Ditto for pre-sell pages.
Pain #11 Different offers need to be marketed and tested.


It's Enough To Stress
Anyone Out!!

And More Pains: You will also have to learn how Adwords works and optimize
your web pages & ads etc.

Want me to go on!?

All in all it’s a big pain in the rear end!

It’s not so bad if you have nothing to do all day and have plenty of cash to spare…

Most people don’t.

Most people are working 9 – 5 (or more), have families to look after and spend time with.

Most people don’t have much spare cash lying around. Instead they are up to their ears in debt looking for a way out. Which is largely why they will desperately try to buy all they can about making money on the internet.

This is different. Before I show you why let me show you how many have been conned - maybe even YOU!?...

The ‘Big Scam’ Of The ‘Push Button’ For Cash Fever

Okay, we all know that there are tens of thousands of scams on the internet. But when it comes to making money products and especially internet marketing there are all these hyped up claims along the lines of:

“I made $100,000 (or some other high ridiculous figure) overnight just by pushing a button and You can to.

You know what? I believe them.

I don’t doubt for a minute that they really achieve this.

The problem is they make you believe that you can make the same big amounts of money right away - if you just pay them the $197 for their new course.

You can’t – not if you are starting from scratch. They already have a framework in place: They have built their business up over time, they have contacts, a large customer email list & an even bigger subscriber list.

You don’t – not if you are starting out.

So someone buys it - and feels disappointed when they haven’t made their $100,000 by the end of the week. They go off thinking that all this ‘making money on the internet is all a scam and doesn’t work’.

It does work when done right, but it’s damn hard - especially when you are starting out. It takes time, commitment and hard work.

The Shortcut That Sidesteps All The Hard Work, Time & Effort…

I would like to let you in on the massive opportunity the internet holds for everyone from the moody teenager to the cheery pensioner. Anyone can make money from home using the power of the net, and with no start up costs at that!

This simple formula will enable anyone to make money online without learning any specialist techniques whatsoever.

By simply copying the simple step-by-step formula that I have laid out for you in techno babble free format anyone can create, in just a couple of hours, an income stream that will continue to make them money day after day...for months...even years!

And with absolutely zero work after the initial "setting up". It is so simple that a child can do it and will give you the freedom and spare cash to stop worrying and start living.

And remember if you can surf the web, send and receive email, and know how to use basic word processing software such as Microsoft Word or even Notepad, then you already have more than enough expertise do this!

It gets better though. There are no limitations on the amounts of these income streams you can create. If you would be happy with an automatic full-time payout weekly that can be made easily as you'll see.

"I received a check for $688.53"

Hey Dave,

This really works! After taking a look at your course I decided to put it to the test.

I only tried one project and I received a check for $688.53 eight days later! And this is all profit as it didn't cost me anything to do.

I think the chapter on page 30 is a must read, and I'm certainly recommending this product to all my best customers.

Rob Benwell



"I've never seen this before... The awesome new way to make money online"

Hi Dave,

Congratulations on making something truly original!

I like your Automated Cash Formula so much that it was a tough choice for me to decide if I should keep this
secret to myself, or tell my readers about it!

You know how every other internet marketing product out there says "you haven't seen THIS before" on their sales page?

 ...Those guys are all liars. All of them. I know because I've been active with Internet Marketing since 1997 and
have seen it all before.

Those guys are just copying each others product, adding a
tiny twist and charging way too much for it.

However, yours is truly different, and I can honestly say that I've never seen THIS before! (I doubt if more than 10 people online have!)

You have made something truly original here in the most
copy-catted industry online.

It is an extremely rare find. Keep up the great work and thanks again for the awesome new way to make easy money online!

Luke W Parker
Owner, the Surefire Success System



If You Follow The Simple Steps You'll Make An
Incredible Income...

...But You Must Have Just A Little Patience

You can make money, immediately from your first project (remember you can set up as many as you desire) - which will take between 15 minutes and 2 hours easy set up. It is very possible that you could make the equivalent of a full time wage or more per month from this doing nothing more - but I'm not going to lie to you by absolutely guaranteeing these results.

Sometimes you may need to put in a little more time, but only 10-20 minutes a day, not including weekends. Even if you are already making profits on autopilot, doing this will vastly increase them. Different projects will produce different results.

My point is that this system works and big money is there for the taking!

But I cannot (and will not) guarantee that you will make thousands of pounds automatically from just 15 minutes setting up your very first project.

If that's not what you want to hear, or if you're disappointed you probably won't get stinking rich from 2 hours easy work... then I'm sorry - this isn't for you. This is a real and genuine opportunity and is NOT another silly get rich quick scheme or 'pie in the sky' theory.

Yes, you can make an amazing income from this and live a fantastic lifestyle, having the freedom to do whatever you want to do with your life by doing this - but with a little patience and persistence.

Is that okay? Does that sound reasonable to you? Good, then...

Let me take you by the hand and walk you through the system, step-by-step...

If you just follow the step-by-step plan I will be amazed if you don't manage to make an extra few hundred dollars a week pure profit from doing this! And if you stick with it, there's no reason why you can't go on to make thousands of dollars, each and every month from this.

Want proof?

I wanted to be able to show you some realistic results that can be easily achieved using the 'Automated Cash Formula'. So I set up a brand new project starting in November (2007) to put  my own formula to the test!

My Test Project That Made $5381.27 From
Less Than 2 Hours Easy Set Up...

I set up this test to start in November and it took me less than 2 hours to set up, and a little time during most week days (I like to take weekends off) :)

On the 7th January 2008 it had made me $5381.27 pure profit. This is just one project. You can set up as many of these as you wish - there is no limit to the amount of projects that you can do.

Anyway, back to the test. Here are the screenshots of the actual money generated from my test project...

Check the money I made from my quick test I set up to start in November 2007...

This was all from this payment I received in my Paypal account on
January 7th 2008:



Note that the total income was $5,381.27 for just over 2 months (November - January) - Counting 9 weeks - that's $597.91 a week!

This is very achievable with this system - I'm not one to try and hype you up with promises of millions, but I wanted to show you proof of real results you can get from a couple of hours setting this simple system to go to work for you.

So the total income I received for For A Little Over 2 Months  was $5,381.27

That's $2,391.64 a month

Or $597.91 a week

And that is just one project - you can have as many as you like - and each one will only take 15 minutes - a couple of hours 'setting up'.

UPDATE: Here's some more recent payments I've received
totalling $6710.50:

Here's a Paypal payment I got on 10th March 2009 for $3959.00:



And another payment on 1st April 2009 for $916.50:



And here's a cheque I got in the post for $1835.00:



I show you this to prove that YOU can easily generate this income for yourself. In fact you can probably do a lot better!

If an ex-window cleaner who dropped out of school at 15 can do this, how much more chance of success do you think you could have?

You could probably do a lot better!

And remember you won't need to set up websites, sell stuff or do any of those things normally associated with making money online. If you can send and receive email and can use a computer to look at websites, and use a word processor such as Microsoft word or Notepad - you already have all the skills you need to do this!

However once you see how truly simple and profitable this simple business is, you'll be desperate to go into this head long and really start bringing home the bacon. The more you follow the simple steps, the more money you'll make.

Every single step...from the turning on your computer to receiving checks in the mail is laid out for you in a ground breaking new course:

‘Automated Cash Formula’

The "Automated Cash Formula" is an easy to understand course, in minute step by step detail that'll show you how to turn your dream for easy wealth into a cash profiting reality and will do so quickly...

...even if you are currently broke, have little time and don’t even want to know about anything technical!.

In fact, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to do siphon off money from the internet, straight into your own pocket in no time flat...even if you don’t have an ounce of business experience.

The reason you'll be off to such a fast start...and getting quick results... is that the course is written in nothing but...

Plain English!

>>Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Now<<

And what's really great is that it comes packed with pictures from my own computer screen that show you exactly what to do…

These are real examples of the Automated Cash Formula in action that have been created by "ordinary people" like you and me.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Here's just a small portion of what else you'll discover in the “Automated Cash Formula":

Forget 'Tech Stuff.' Relax You Won't Be Doing Anything Technical At All! You Can Make Money With This Even If You Can Barely Click A Mouse!


The $10 Minimum Rule That Could vastly increase your profits.  - Page #11

How to get other people desperate to make YOU money by using this one magic sentence (don’t worry you won’t be speaking to anyone) - Page #62

Where to get this mind blowing software that will supercharge your efforts by doing 2 hours work for you in about 10 minutes - Page #65


Autopilot Income
that does not involve you promoting anything yourself. You're not selling a product, you're not dealing with customers, you're not even going to be doing one single bit of marketing yourself.

How to use this Secret Search Engine Trickery to Make Money (Does NOT Involve SEO, Pay-Per-Click or any kind of advertising! - Page #54

The Advanced ‘Viral Cash Avalanche Technique’ that rakes in even more cash for you on total autopilot - Page #78


Simple 'Plug & Play' System That Makes You Money On Autopilot 24/7!


Endless Income Opportunities That Will Never Run Dry – You Can Make Money With This From Now & Forever More!


Make Money From practically ANYWHERE in the world - all you need is access to a computer with an internet connection.

You'll have an easy to follow, step by step plan at your fingertips...and it's all written in easy-to-understand language so you can actually use it!

>>Click here to reserve your copy now<<

I don't expect you to take my word for it though! See what others who have already seen my course have to say. By the way I didn't ask for these. As soon as people started seeing my course these totally unsolicited testimonials started to pour in...

"With your method anyone can make a profit easily"

Hi Dave,

This information is brilliant! I've had ago at something similar in the past but I didn't know these tricks.

With your method anyone can make a profit easily. And
the best part is, they can do it over and over again
to consistently bring in money.

Thanks for such a comprehensive, yet simple, system
that both newbies and seasoned marketers can use.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make money


Denise Hall



"I would have made money
online 10 times faster"

As a marketer myself I would have made money online 10 times faster and cut out a lot of work and frustrations with your step by step formula!

If you’re wanting to make money online or are looking for more income streams then this is the information you’ve been waiting for!

Craig Dawber
Burnley, Lancashire, UK



"Am amazed with this new found "auto-pilot" income."

Hi Dave,
You've really nailed it on the head with this one!
I cannot image anyone using your formula and NOT making money. I really appreciated how you give so many details in your Action Plan Blueprint, no stone has been left unturned.
I've already begun to apply these methods to my own online business and am amazed at this new found "auto-pilot" income.
Thanks Dave, I owe you big time!
Rob Richards



"You are really into over-delivering"

Hi again Dave,

Just finished the course... FANTASTIC!!

You were very good at explaining everything...
and the screenshots were actually big enough to be seen...!
That was a huge PLUS!

From what I can see so far, you are really into over-delivering... and that's a really refreshing change!

Thanks for everything...really!





"The very FIRST TIME in 8 years that I paid for something of truly great value"

I want to thank you for putting together a brilliant program.

Like thousands of other would-be internet marketers I joined
and bought into hundreds of programs online, have read all
the books and actually found nothing of great interest or value for all the money I paid out.

This is the very FIRST TIME in eight years that I paid for something of truly great value. I was hooked right from page one.

I also want to thank you especially for being so very honest and generous in your book.

All the other marketers online, and I mean even all the biggies so-called internet millionaires, only give you just the minimum and do not actually reveal all their secrets.

To my astonishment here you are giving us a very frank, truthful account of just how to go about making some money.

You really are truly generous with all the information you provide.

Feel free to use this as a testimonial, as you deserve it.

Iona D'Souza


"No fluff, no filler and no BS!"

If you want to get started earning money online - today - and for no cost even, then the 'Automated Cash Formula' is an easy to understand, step by step, method of earning cash that could have you up and running within the hour.

No fluff, no filler and no BS!

We will be recommending it to our members that want to increase their income and watch them run with it as they see just how easy the 'Automated Cash Formula' is to follow.

Thanks for a great course!

  The BBL Team


Is This Too Good To Be True?

Time for a short "Reality Check". Reading it back, I am concerned that this is beginning to sound like one of those "get-rich-quick" scams that promise you the earth but deliver nothing except a lighter wallet.

That could not be further from the truth. What I am sharing you with today is a special "money loop" if you will, in a multi million dollar industry.
It's a real business.

As in any genuine business, you WILL have to put some effort in to get results. This system does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight from sitting around in your underwear all day!

What it does reveal is possibly the simplest genuine method for the average person without any marketing skills or online assets to start building real wealth immediately within hours of implementing it.

And that's guaranteed. If for any reason  - or even no reason at all - you are not completely convinced that this simple to follow "just copy me and make money" plan cannot make you a very nice part time or even full time income, then you pay me NOTHING. More on this shortly.

>>Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Now<<

"Thank you for sharing your secrets to making money... If anyone purchases your product, they will not be disappointed"

Hello David,

My name is Tauheedah Haamid and I recently purchased your Automated Cash Formula. I have one word for you, "outstanding!" This product is everything I have been searching for on the Internet. Believe me when I say that I have bought a lot of courses and ebooks online regarding how to make money from the Internet over the years.

All of it was pure garbage. I would get excited about my purchase and when I downloaded the product and began to read through the material, my feathers would literally fall in disappointment, and my eyes would glaze over.

I have never written to anyone with my opinions about their product but I felt I needed to write to you. You sir, stand head and shoulders above all the so-called "gurus" out there hawking their hyped up products on how to make money, you actually show people how to do it step by simple step.

The difference between your product and the so-called guru's products is that you leave nothing out, you spell it all out in a simple format that even a child could understand. But the main thing is, you do not just give half the formula and leave out the key secrets to make it work like the gurus do.

You give it all!

When I began to read your course, I got excited! I knew that I had finally found something of value that I could actually use.

The more I read the more excited I became. I finished the course in one sitting and am going to read it again, this time taking notes.

Even the bonuses that you offer with the main product have value. You understand the most basic principle in business, give your customers something of "value" in return for their money.

You actually give something far more valuable than the price you are charging. You could be charging way more for the product than you are.

I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity in producing this product, the Automated Cash Formula. I also want to thank you for sharing your secrets to making money online.

I can say that if anyone purchases your product, they will not be disappointed. ACF is the One in a million!

Feel free to share this email as a testimonial to the truly awesome product you have created!


Tauheedah Haamid



"The Number One way to make money on the internet."

What I liked most about Dave's course was the attention to detail given in an easy to follow step by step way. This has got to be The Number One way to make good money on the internet.

Chris Freville




Hi Dave,

Awesome! You are the first product owner/publisher who when I sent a question actually responded live AND answered my question AND that in record time.

My instinct was right to do YOUR course.
Thank you.

Greta Alexander,




"I've hit gold with this purchase!"

Dearest Dave,

I have just downloaded your ACF course, and I am, lets just say - speechless!

Brilliance if I ever saw it! It's the kind of thing that makes you hit yourself and say:" So beautifully simple, and yet it's pure genius! Why didn't I think of it?"

Seriously Dave, I have only read through the first few pages, but it is enough for me to realize that I've hit gold with this purchase! I am getting so excited!

This is so perfect for me; I am a complete newbie, still trying to figure out which way to go, so this is a PERFECT first step.

Anyway I'm in a hurry to get back to your exciting course, I can't wait to find out what's in all the rest of the pages!

Honestly for me, the idea itself (without all the detailed explanations) is already worth the investment I made. All the rest, as far as I'm concerned is pure over-delivering! Good for you!

Just today I read that Armand Morin said he still buys thousands of dollars of internet products each year, and if he can get one good idea out of his purchase, than it was worth it. I see what he means now.

Many many thanks!

Nicole Barkai


"The best book I have purchased all year!"

Thanks David, I am about to get started now, probably the best book I have purchased all year!

Girona, Spain


"Your plan is exactly what I need."


I love your ebook and am planning my execution of the steps now. I'm a 63 yo woman. 

I had success with MFA websites last year.  But that success is gone. I've been struggling with affiliate sites and getting no where.

Your plan is exactly what I need. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

Santa Cruz, CA

>>Click Here To Reserve Your Copy Now<<

Unlimited Cash For Life...

Do you know what really excites me about this? There are literally no limits on the amounts of income streams you can set up with this easy to follow system. I mean that. The potential here is limitless.

What's even better is this system can bring you in a residual income that will pay you consistently for months if not years to come, and all it took was an initial "set up" which took less than two hours. Or less than fifteen minutes if you use the piece of software I will reveal to you.

In a normal boring nine to five job you have to work two hours to get two hours pay. Using the Automated Cash Formula you can work two hours and make money for months and months to come.

This means that the only real limit to the amount of money you can make is your time and effort. The more time you put in, the more money you will make - it really is that simple.

And what's really exciting is that…

You Can Start Doing This In About 90 Seconds From Now!

What Is It Worth To You To Have An Easy
Step By Step Formula For Making Anything From  A Full Time Wage To Huge Profits  On Total Autopilot?

What would it mean to you to be able to go from nothing to having tons of extra cash each month just pouring into your bank account?

You could pay off your debts, eventually buy that dream home or sports car, go on exotic holidays at the drop of a hat. Yes, this could mean so much more than just money – it could be you and your families ticket to freedom.

To be able to do whatever the hell you want to do – because you can.

What is an opportunity like this worth to you?

I could easily sell reveal this information for 4 figures – and plenty of people would be more than willing to pay that.

Because they know they can then work the system and make that investment back in a matter of months, then it’s pure profit.

Or I could have padded this out and sold it as a home study course for about $400.

Most marketers would be offering this downloadable course for around $197.

Don't YOU deserve the freedom to relax whenever you want?

But no, you have probably already spent a small fortune on stuff that doesn’t work…and I genuinely want you to succeed. I’m so confident that this is the opportunity that you have been hoping, even dreaming for…

You Can Now Legally Steal My
Automated Cash Formula For Just $37 - If You Act NOW!

Instead of fumbling around trying to learn how to make websites, create products and learn thousands of marketing techniques you can test drive my Automated Cash System for just $37 entirely at my risk!

$37 is peanuts for an automatic, easy profit system that could set you up for life compared to the $100’s others have paid on information that was either useless, too complicated or time consuming to actually make a real go of.

I’m sure you'd agree… it's a small price to pay to actually be able to create automatic income streams That Can Make You Big Profits, Everyday, On Auto-Pilot For Months to come.

And that's just what you'll have once you put the Automated Cash Formula to work for you.

I'm virtually committing financial suicide by offering this at such a low price. I know what it's like to be scammed and out right ripped off. I also know the long, hard route of the usual way of building an online business, and it is a sad fact that most people who start will give up disillusioned and disheartened.

So I want to offer you a genuine opportunity that will make you avoid this and truly fast-track your way to online profits. But this rock-bottom pricing is for a limited time only and I plan on putting the price up very soon to more reflect the true value of this groundbreaking course.

And I know for some that $37 is not a small amount, so I am going to take all the pressure off with:

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a look. And if that's not enough for you already...

I’ll Sweeten The Deal Even More...

If you download the Automated Cash Formula today I will also give you these 3 amazing bonuses:

- My Personal 'Swipe File'
($100 Value)

Guaranteed For The Next 300 People ONLY!

As you are taking decisive action today I will also give you my personal 'Swipe File'.

These are my *proven* templates for use with the Automated Cash Formula.

Copy 'n' paste your way to success! These will simply make each of your projects plain easy without you having to even really think!

These will get you up and running - making the most money possible in the fastest time.

I'm only guaranteeing that this will be available to the next 300 people who order.

I reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time - act now to avoid disappointment.


BONUS #2 - Special Report:

"The Secret To Earning $150 A Day
Every Day Like Clockwork
With Bum Marketing In Under A Month"

Guaranteed For The Next 200 People ONLY!

This extra 'special report' will help you add another income stream alongside the Automated Cash Formula, but...

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